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Automotive Servicing Equipment

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Whip IndustriesWHIP INDUSTRIES is a privately owned company founded in 1990 by the McGee family. Dedicated to producing products with “Quality you can hang your hat on” Whip Industries manufactures a wide variety of automotive lifts.


Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Whip Industries is proud to produce a product that is 100% “Made in the USA”. They operate from one central location with 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space.


Made in USA

WHIP INDUSTRIES will customize any lift to meet your specifications. If you need a lift to meet specific height, length, width, or paint color, our in-house engineering staff will work directly with you to design a product that meets or exceeds your requirements.


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©Copyright 2016  |  DS Sales  |  Parker, Colorado

303-841-6866  |  1-800-548-6866

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