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Two Post 11,000 lb - TP11KC-DX

Two Post 11,000 lb - TP11KC-DX

Engineered and bilt to offer great features at an economical price, the TP11KC-DX features and designs make this the most used lift in your garage. With versatile user-friendly By-Symmetric configurable arms, 3 stage front arms, symmetric columns, single point lock release, low profile arms, rubber door guards and spin up pads with 2" and 4" stackable truck adapters , it offers everything you would expect and more!

  • 11,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Direct drive
  • 3 Stage front arms
  • Bi-Symmetric┬« - Asymmetric/ Symmetric arm configuration
  • Symmetric columns
  • Single point lock release
  • Low profile arms
  • Rubber door guards
  • Spin up pads with stackable truck adapters included, 2" and 4"
  • Powder coat paint finish
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