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Bead Blaster 5 Gallon Tank - TC-BBT5G

Bead Blaster 5 Gallon Tank - TC-BBT5G

The Bead Blaster 5 Gallon Tank is a durable, high quality "rapid fill" bead blaster with a 5 gallon capacity. ASME/CE certified tank, designed formal ATV to large truck tires. The ideal portable tool for quick and stabilized tire bead seating for hard to seat tire beads.

  • Durable, high quality 'rapid fill' bead blaster
  • Safely seats beads on difficult types of tires from ATVs to truck tires
  • Convenient lever action ball valve for rapid air discharge rate
  • Rotatable tube nozzle w/protective rim tab adapter
  • Easy to use portable design
  • 165 maximum PSI for small to large tires
  • 5 gallon ASME/CE certified tank
  • Air pressure gauge
  • 'Pop off' safety release valve, ASME approved
  • Quick disconnect air fitting and ball valve for quickly filling tank
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